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Existing Pools

Find out for yourself what delighted pool owners all over the world have already discovered – Alternative Pool Systems (APS) automatic pool covers are the finest, safest, and easiest to use pool covers you can buy.


Universal track covers cover existing pools of virtually any shape and size. APS just needs enough deck room to run the low-profile tracks parallel to one another on opposite sides of the pool and we can cover any pool.

  When the mechanism is mounted on the deck surface, it can be covered simply with our fiberglass ends or with an attractive housing such as a bench. Whether your looking for an automated turn key application to your existing pool, or a manual pool cover, APS can help you with your pool cover needs.

Manual Track Systems
An economical alternative to the automatic cover, offering the same benefits at about half the price. It's a manual cover that's convenient enough for daily use. To cover the pool, hold the rope attached to the leading edge and pull the cover across the pool. To uncover the pool, turn the crank handle. Some manual covers require two-person operation, but generally one person can operate the system. The manual track system uses the same track, fabric and other components as the automatic system, except without a motor. You can easily upgrade to an automatic system by adding a power package later if desired.

Irregular shape pools with elevated changes, features such as slides and handrails, or permanent objects that interupt the area to be covered, may require other options.

Alternative Pool Systems has been the proud distributor of Cover Pools, Inc., saftey pool cover equipment for San Diego County since 1996. For more pictures of covered pools, please visit the Cover Pools website. For a Cover Pools product brochure, please click here.

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