Alternative Pool Systems

  • Systems are U.L. Listed and Tested to meet A.S.T.M. Saftey Cover Standards
  • Auto-Stopping Controls with Current Limiting Circuits Protect the System From Abuse
  • Air Blowers to Relieve Drag on Pool Decks

Turn-Key or
Digital Touch Pad
Security Solutions
Cover in Under a Minute

Commercial Applications - Automated Covers

Automated Cover Systems allow any one person to open or close the pool with the push of a button.

Alternative Pool Systems (APS) can fit a fully automated cover on most small to medium, public or semi public pools in your home owners association, hotel, school or condo project.

Seating Height benchs cover the system storing in in place and allowing practical usage of the space.

Modifications to steprails and ladders allow the automatic covers to cover the entire pool surface.
A powered air injection blower can be added to large units or covers that run over extended areas of deck or extra rough surfaces.

Commercial Applications - Heat Saver Blankets

For pools that are secured during non operating hours and larger pools that need an overnight heat saving cover we offer Spectrum pool products Commercial Floating Blankets.

Blankets are handled on a variety of reel systems depending on storage space and available personel.

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